Why An Animated Program Needs Voice Actors

Why An Animated Program Needs Voice Actors

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If you are producing an animated project, then you are going to need at least one voice actor, and you will have to know what to ask them about their skill sets. That means you need to go shopping for your voice actoror actors in the plural, as the case may be-armed with a character list complete with a brief, one-sentence description of each character’s voice requirements. Don’t just hire a voice actor and hope you’ll find out she can do what you need. Each voice actor is as different from every other, as each screen actor is different from his colleagues. After all, if the studio had cast Jack Nicholson as Vito Corleone, The Godfather would have been a different movie, even if Nicholson were Italian.

Whether you’re casting an original character, a complex character with apparent contradictions in his naturethe rogue with a soft, gooey center, for instanceor an archetype like Gandalf of the Ring Trilogy and Dumbledore of the Harry Potter series, you need to know what a voice actor 축구중계 needs to be able to do in order to bring that character to life. You need to know what aspects of the voice are negotiable and which aren’t.


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